Kitchen real estate Port AClean and ready for interior real estate photo shoot

The Following is a list of suggestions to Prepare you for your Professional Real Estate Photo shoot:


- Make sure all light bulbs are working and turn lights on, overheads and all lamps, including exterior lights on garage and porch. Ceiling fans should be OFF and Cleaned
- All blinds up or open (unless these is something you don’t want visible through the window)
- No garbage cans in any room should visible
- Nothing in the kitchen sink (hide sponges, drying racks, scrubbers, etc.)
- All magnets and photos off the refrigerator
- Minimize/hide personal photos in frames on table tops
- No dog or cat bowls (or dog beds/crates)
- It is best if pets are taken for a walk, or crated
- All toilet lids down
- Hide toys or at least minimize them
- Hide tissue boxes unless they are housed in something decorative
- Bathroom Towels hung neatly or removed
- In bathrooms, hide toothbrushes, razors, anything personal or anything not decorative
- Nightstands, as few things as possible (I will not open drawers to hide things in the bedroom)
- We do not shoot inside closets, unless it is very neat designer/walk-in closet, If not use the closet to hide things.


- Make sure grass is cut the day before if possible 
- No cars in the driveway, garage door closed
- We do not shoot inside the garage, unless it is very neat, If not this is another place to hide items
- Hoses rolled up neatly, or even better, gone
- Exterior garbage cans out of view if possible
- Security yard signs, such as ADT and Realtor yard signs temporarily removed if possible.
- Remove anything that looks seasonal, such as Xmas wreaths, pumpkins, etc.


Less is More, not just for clutter, but for people. If possible, treat this photo session the same as a showing, and have the sellers take an hour in a coffee shop or visit a neighbor. The goal is to make your home show beautifully online and sell quickly

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